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Thank you for visiting the 37DegreeFilters.com website, your source for home filtration unit reviews. More and more families are opting to filter the water that comes into their homes. The type of filter you will need to purchase for you home will ultimately depend on what, precisely, you are trying to improve when it comes to your water supply.

For example, if you are suffering from a Sulphur type of smell (aka “rotten eggs”), but have no other concerns about your water, you may benefit from the use of a point of entry (whole house) system that is primarily comprised of a granulated carbon filtration media (which removes odors from water).

On the other hand, if your supply is contaminated with heavy metals such as lead (and if you are certain that this is not leached from your own pipes), a more elaborate system like Reverse Osmosis.

We will explore numerous facts about water filtration, as well as the options for homeowners at 37DegreeFilters.com. We hope you will bookmark this website and return soon, because we are in the process of getting the content ready for publication, and should have a bunch of features up and running soon! Thank you!